New equipment

New sensor from Iris Recognition:

Currently, the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Andrés Bello, has received a new Biometric Sensor iCAM TD-1OO for the capture of irises in the range near the Infrared.

We starting to build the first biometric database in Chile using iris images. This allows to develop new projects and research initiatives in the artificial intelligence group of the Faculty of Engineering (GIAAB). In addition to teaching this type of methodologies to the students through thesis of pre-degree, postgraduate, courses of computer vision and recognition of patterns.



  • Working very fine.
  • The quality of the images.
  • Capture the iris photo automatically.
  • Capture the face manually.


  • Working only in Windows OS.
  • There is not drivers for Linux or MAC.
  • The information is very poor as well as the technical support. Link
  • You can get only information by the dealer such has Fullcrum biometrics. (recommended) link.
  • The company did not answer the request information. Link
  • The sensor did not capture video from NIR images.
  • This sensor is not supported by VeryEye SDK. (There is not diver available)

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