Alcohol on Iris

Fitness For Duty. “Measuring the Capability to Work”.

How the irises change after alcohol drink?

Today, many people going to work without controlling the quantities of alcohol, drugs, fatigue or sleepiness in previous days. These factors reduce the state of alert to accomplish the duties. These actions can produce enormous damage through errors.

Truck or bus drivers, plant operators, medics or healthcare workers annually cost all companies billions of dollars in reduced productivity, accidents and injuries. The insurance companies might not paid the damages because the accidents by external factors are very different to accidents produce by influence of alcohol, drugs etc.

The goal of this project is to create an equipment based on Iris measurement using dynamic or static pupillometry as a preventive control before to start the duties.

This work is developing by Dr. Juan Tapia at Universidad Andrés Bello and Optimal Solutions. Santiago, Chile.


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